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About me

Welcome to my - kind of - CV. Let me shortly introduce myself. My name is Marco, a full stack developer based in Germany with a huge passion for building stuff for the world wide web. I have 10+ years of experience in building web applications, designing and developing user interfaces and backends.

At the age of seventeen, I build my first website. Since then I'm an enthusiastic developer and indie maker loving to build new things from scratch - coding everything from the backend, to the API, to the frontend. I have made a lot of web and mobile tools in the travel and nomad area before I launched my side projects in the SaaS market in 2018 and 2020.

In the past, I have worked as a freelancer for different clients around the globe and bootstrapped my own company. During my master's studies, I have been employed in the research team for mobile and cloud computing at the university of applied science in Worms. My main focus here was on modern and highly scalable technologies for web and cloud applications.

When I am not outside trying to get the perfect drone shot, I'm the go-to guy at Sleekplan and Sleek.page in my spare time.

Find me also on: Twitter, LinkedIn, and ProductHunt

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Programming Languages



Vanilla JavaScript (plain)

Design & User Interface


Server & Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google App Engine
Azure Cloud
Scalable infrastructure
Linux / Unix

Marketing & Others

A/B testing
Event tracking & analytics
User onboarding & user journey

Tools & Software Used Regularly

Visual Studio Code
Google Analytics
Dev Tools
Sequel Pro


2016 - 2019

University of Applied Sciences Wormss

Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) Business Informatics
2012 - 2016

University of Applied Sciences Worms

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) Business Informatics


2015 - 2020

University of Applied Sciences Worms

Research Assistant

Academic work on the following topic of research: E-Business and Cloud Computing. The work was focused primarily on the development of prototypical applications in the area of web and cloud computing, as well as the publication and presentation of results in various professional journals and at national and international conferences. In addition to the research activities, I held a lecture on " E-Business and Cloud Computing" in the 6th semester of the Bachelor of Business Informatics.

  • Work on different projects which are primarily based on modern web technologies
  • Specialized in the technical opportunities of cross-platform development
  • NodeJS and MongoDB
  • Write content for scientific publications
  • Dedicated teamwork
  • Supervision of practical course
  • Supervision of teaching events
  • Lecturing
2016 - 2020

Traveloca UG (limited liability)

Founder & CEO

Traveloca was a travel community, available in three languages (English, German and French), with more than 40,000 active users and more than 100,000 travel stories, and about 400,000 travel photos and videos. The Traveloca UG was incorporated in March 2016 as a result of one of my side projects started in early 2010 and developed besides my studies. The project was managed as a sole proprietorship for over 6 years until it became an incorporated limited company in 2016. Through the work on Traveloca and the spin-off as a corporation, I was able to get a lot of insights on economical aspects and the management and leadership of teams and businesses in general.

  • Mobile development
  • Payment API's
  • Front & backend development
  • AWS & Cloud Infrastructure
  • JavaScript (server-side) development
  • Accounting & balance sheet
  • Software project management
Jan 2011 - Mar 2016


Web & Mobile Development

In addition to my studies and my work on different side projects I have also worked as a freelance developer for different customers - from small stores such as bakeries, boutiques up to medium-sized companies and agencies. Most projects were in the field of IT consulting, web design, mobile, and web development. Also included the preparation of proper online marketing strategies ( SEO & SEM ).

Jul 2010 - Jan 2011

Trendmile GmbH

Web Developer

Development of web-based applications, satellite sites, and customizations for a webshop system. Primarily worked with the shop system Magento and WordPress-based websites. My main focus at the Trendmile GmbH was the implementation of a completely redesigned and restructured shop system.

  • Web-Development (Backend / Frontend)
  • Magento shop system
  • WordPress
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
Jul 2009 - Aug 2009

Bechtle AG

Software Developer Internship

The software developer internship at Bechtle gave me an insight into the integration of customized solutions in the IBM/Lotus Notes (Domino) environment. I have principally worked on the administration of the Lotus Notes server.

Jul 2008 - Aug 2008


Student Internship

The student internship at ALSTOM was a great chance to take a closer look into the server administration in large Companies and gain an insight into the company-internal technical support and service (like technical help desk tasks).

Research & Publications

(Eng.) Analysis of travel blogs by means of NoSQL techniques: First Results

2019 Böhm, Stephan; Suntrayuth, Sid (Hrsg). Proceedings of the IWEMB 2018 Second International Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Electronic and Mobile Business. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH 2019 S. 35 - 47
By means of mobile apps travelers are able to share their experiences during trips. Thus, lot amounts of user-generated content are created, which describe the experiences of travelers on their trips around the world. This information is of interest for future travelers and for travel destinations. Travel reports, which have been posted in one travel blog platform over all continents, are analyzed by means of NoSQL technologies.
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(Eng.) Analysis of Travel Blogs Posted in New Zealand: Geographical Distribution, National Parks and Movie Location

Sep 2018 Journal of Advanced Management Science. Bd. Vol. 6. H. No. 3. EJournal Publishing 2018 S. 139 - 142
By means of mobile apps travellers are able to share their experiences during trips. Thus, lots of travel blogs arise with different reports that contain lots of information about a travel destination. This information is of interest for other travellers and for travel destinations. Travel report posted in New Zealand are used to analyse the behaviour of travellers. The analysis is carried out by means of NoSQL technologies.
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(Ger.) Analyse von Reiseblogs oder: Was können wir aus Reiseberichten über das Verhalten von Reisenden lernen?

2018 Digitalisierung in Unternehmen. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien 2018 S. 219 - 234
This paper deals with the analysis of unstructured data. It shows how travel blogs of an online platform can be analyzed. The travel blogs are stored in the document-based NoSQL database MongoDB. In order to be able to draw conclusions on regional and supra-regional issues on the basis of user-generated content, a geo-based analysis is performed. The basis for this analysis is an aggregation framework.
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(Ger.) Einsatz einer NoSQL-Datenbank zur Analyse von Reiseblogs: Konzept und Integration

Sep 18, 2017 Arbeitskreis Wirtschaftsinformatik an Fachhochschulen (AKWI)
This contribution deals with the requirements for the analysis of an existing travel blogging application based on a NoSQL database and shows its prototypical evaluation and imple- mentation. For this purpose, a MongoDB database was chosen, which is available with an open-source license. MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL database, which stores data on a document-oriented way in a JSON-like format.
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(Eng.) Development of a hybrid mobile app for travel blogging

Sep 1, 2016 AKWI conference transcript 2016
This contribution deals with the development of a mobile app in the field of travel blogging across multiple platforms and devices.
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(Ger.) Architektur, Funktionen und User Interface einer Cloud-basierten Anwendung

Jul 25, 2016 Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
The topic of the paper is to present an application, which allows a traveler to publish a travel diary as a travel blog and to share it with a community.
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(Ger.) Wissenstransfer in der Wirtschaftsinformatik anhand eines Szenarios für „Smart Tourism“

Apr 27, 2016 Expert discussion in the context of the MKWI 2016
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